Nanjing Yodoly Logistics Equipments Manufacturing Limited Company is a large—size manufacturer specializing in research and development,designing,manufacturing and installation of modern logistics equipments.It is authorized GB/T1 9001—2000idt lS09001:2000 quality management system It can independently design and produce various logistics equipments,such as storage racking(pallet racking,live pallet racking,mobile racking,multi—tier shelves,cantilever racking,drive—in racking),pallets(flat pallets,box pallets,collapsible pallets),mountain bikes,and storage cases,etc With high quality products,reasonable prices and considerate services,the company has established a reliant reputation among customers.It has built hundreds of domestic large storage system equipments and periphery equipments independently,with the annual production capacity of over 10000 ton
  The company has several dozens technicians for every specialty and over fifty sets of first—class quality manufacturing equipments The company inputs large amount of manpower and financial resource to study and develop the newest logistics products,try improving the creative ability,having 9 patents.and its products are widely applied to all industry of life such as machine building,electronics,medicine,logistics distribution center,food,automotive manufactu ring,4s car store,libraries,storage Supermakets and bonded warehouse,etc,and enjoy a good reputation both overseas and at home.In recent years,our company starts to develop international markets and work hard to make our products well known internationally.With our continuous efforts,we have preliminary entered the Iocal markets in Australia.America,European and Southern Asian and have good reputation in these markets.
  As one of China。Slogistics equipments manufacturers,we will continual creative and develop ourselves,contribute our wisdom and strength to both overseas and domestic customers,especially to you company Welcome to visit our company。

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